Council Membership

Individual Members elected by the Council

Kenneth Vall - President  
  Brockenhurst, United Kingdom
Chris Yelverton - Vice-President  
Exec. Comm. nominated Johannesburg, South Africa
Inga Gossow - Treasurer  
Citizen of Country of Council registration Düsseldorf, Germany
Maria Browning - Chair QAAC  
Exec. Comm. nominated Bournemouth, United Kingdom
Beatrice Zaugg - Vice Chair QAAC  
Exec. Comm. nominated Biel / Bienne, Switzerland
TBC - Member QAAC  
Exec. Comm. nominated .
Jaap Swanenburg - Member QAAC  
Exec. Comm. nominated Zurich, Switzerland
Priya Lutener - Member QAAC  
Exec. Comm. nominated Yarnton, United Kingdom
Sarah Zingg - Member QAAC  
Exec. Comm. nominated Schlieren, Switzerland
Graham Mills - Member QAAC  
Educationalist Portsmouth, United Kingdom
Philip Davies - Member QAAC  
Educationalist Bournemouth, United Kingdom
Jennifer Taylor  
Educationalist United Kingdom
Rui Amaral Mendes  
Educationalist Porto, Portugal
Jenni Bolton  
Exec. Comm. nominated Boscombe, United Kingdom
Mark Webster  
Chiropractor Cardiff, Wales
Eric Lazar  
Institutional Staff Member Madrid, Spain
Maria Browning - Chair QAAC  
Institutional Staff Member Bournemouth, United Kingdom
Rishi Loatey  
ECU Executive Administrative Council London, United Kingdom
Donatello Testerini  
ECU nominated Arezzo, Italy
Student Member  
Lucy Anderson United Kingdom
Student Member  
Rasmus Oxholm Denmark

Institutional Members & Representatives

AECC University College - Bournemouth, United Kingdom
Philip Dewhurst - Head of School of Chiropractic
Barcelona College of Chiropractic - Spain
Adrian Wenban - Principal
Durban University of Technology - Dept. of Chiropractic & Somatology - Durban, RSA
Laura O'Connor - Head of Department of Chiropractic
Institut Franco-Européen de Chiropraxie - Paris and Toulouse, France
Olivier Lanlo - Executive President
McTimoney College of Chiropractic - Abingdon and Manchester, United Kingdom
Christina Cunliffe - Principal
RCU Escorial Maria-Cristina - Madrid, Spain
Ricardo Fujikawa - Head of Studies, Chiropractic
Syddansk Universitet - Dept. of Sports Sciences & Clinical Biomechanics - Odense, DK
Henrik Hein Lauridsen - Director of Studies
University of Johannesburg - Faculty of Health Sciences - Dept. of Chiropractic, RSA
Chris Yelverton - Head of Department
University of South Wales - Welsh Institute of Chiropractic - Pontypridd, Wales, UK
David Byfield
University of Zurich - Poliklinik für Chiropraktische Medizin, Switzerland
Daniel Mühlemann - Head of Chiropractic Medicine